First Impressions: PS…Spell on You Eye & Cheek Palette


So I am still relatively new to the Primark make-up world, but since trying their Peach Blush and Highlight palette, I have been super impressed and curious for more. So earlier in the week I went back to have another look at what other beauty gems they had, and they did not disappoint. I could have happily scooped up both of their new lip scrubs, their dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, or some of the lip kits, but something else caught my attention. Sat with Primark’s Halloween range was the PS…Spell on You: Love Potion Eye & Cheek palette and I just couldn’t leave it there could I?

I absolutely LOVE the packaging of this product; I mean it’s designed to look like a book of spells, what is not to love?  As with other Primark palettes it has a magnetic fastening, and once opened, reveals nine eye shadows, a blush, and a highlighter set in metal pans. All of the products inside are of course influenced in name by the world of magic.

So let’s start with the eye shadows.  In the palette, starting at the top is ‘Abracadabra’, a very dark, glittery purple shade (it looks almost black on my swatches!). As you can see it is heavily pigmented, and would be perfect for Halloween make-up or even a night out. Secondly, we have ‘Bewitched’ a pale rose matte shade; this took a few attempts to make it pigmented enough to swatch, but once layered it looks beautiful with an added shimmer. Next up we have ‘Dream’, a deep purple matte shade.

On the second row we start off with ‘Fairytale’, another one of the lighter shimmer shades of the palette, which I found again needed a couple of attempts to make it visible on my skin. Next is ‘Mystic’, a glittery copper shade which is well pigmented, and could double up as a highlighter. Then Oracle, which I was convinced was going to be my favourite shade, sadly it wasn’t to be. It is a beautiful shade, a glittery blue, I had just hoped the colour would have come up as strongly as ‘Abracadabra’ did, but unfortunately it just didn’t do it for me.

Finally, on the third row we have ‘Lightning’, the lightest purple shade in the palette; it is matte with no shimmer. Next, we have ‘Kingdom’ and this colour, along with ‘Abracadabra’ had the best pigment for me, it went on like a dream and strong pigment from the first application. Lastly, we have ‘Illusion’, this shade pleasantly surprised me. Again, it is quite a pale shade, but actually once applied, shows up pretty well. This shade would be perfect for a daytime look, it’s soft but has a lovely shimmer.

Once you’ve had a taste of magic, the palette then invites you to ‘choose your elixir’, which is the blush and highlighter of the palette. The highlighter ‘Sorcery’ is a bronze/coppery tone, not dissimilar to the eye shadow shade ‘Mystic’, minus the glitter. Then we have ‘Spell’ the blush, a soft, rose pink, which once applied turns into a lovely pearly pink shade. If like me, you’re on the pale side and are worried ‘Sorcery’ may be too dark for you, don’t be! Once shaded out it looks lovely and blends nicely. ‘Spell’ is going to be my go-to blush once I have finished my Peach palette shades!

Overall, this palette is such good value at £6 (Off you go now…). The palette has a great range of colours which are well pigmented, aside from the paler shades which will need to be built upon. I personally don’t use purple eye shadow, but may try to blend it in with other colours to see how it works. However, I think the paler shades in this palette could also make beautiful highlighters if you wanted to double up their use!

This quirky palette would make a fab stocking filler or even just a hump-day treat for you. It’s certainly not one to be missed!

Have you tried the PS…Spell on You palette? What did you think of it? Let me know below!


My Current Netflix Binges


It’s officially that time of year where as soon as you get home the curtains are closed, pyjamas and candles are on, and Netflix becomes your best friend (if it wasn’t already!). One of my favourite things about this time of year is that TV execs know we turn into complete blanket bugs, and make sure new series are out in time or our old favourites make a comeback. So grab a hot beverage, get cosy, and find your latest TV addictions:

Credit: Netflix


What’s it all about?

This show is one of the best, no really it is. Riverdale is based on the characters from the original Archie comic books. The series follows Archie Andrews and his friends in the seemingly perfect town of Riverdale, but naturally there is a dark undercurrent of secrets and lies bubbling below the surface. The first season focuses on the murder of  Jason Blossom, son of the wealthiest family in town, and everyone is a suspect.

Why Should I Binge Watch It?

If you like mystery, murder, scandal, secrets, relationships all in the confines of a small town, then this is the show for you. It’ll have you wishing away your week to find out what happens in the next episode. The show is not only great viewing, but it also sends out important messages – the female characters are all strong, empowering and supportive of one another, particularly when it comes to the topic of slut-shaming. Throw in some love triangles, and Riverdale has pretty much everything you could want in a weekly watch. Did I mention Season 2 has just started? Did I also mention Cole Sprouse is in it? I will say no more.



What’s it all about?

LOVE follows the characters of Mickey and Gus, who when we first meet them, have both just come out of a relationship. Both of the characters have a lot of issues when they meet, Mickey is a serial substance abuser, while Gus is reeling from the unexpected breakdown of his relationship. The two cross paths in a convenience store where Gus has to bail Mickey out, an unlikely friendship is formed as the two help each other to get over their previous relationships. In the usual way, this creates its own issues as Mickey and Gus now have to figure out what is developing between them.

Why Should I Binge-Watch This?

Directed by Judd Apatow – 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Girls (you know it’s gotta be good), Love perfectly embodies the highs and lows of modern day dating, and isn’t afraid to poke fun at it. The main characters are relatable, in the fact that they are flawed, nothing is polished or filtered to appear more perfect than it is. Love takes time and you won’t mind waiting watching this series. Season 2 is out now on Netflix.


Mind Hunter

What’s it all about?

Mind Hunter takes you back to the 1970’s when Criminal Psychology and Criminal Profiling were extremely new techniques with the FBI. Two FBI agents, Holden Ford and Bill Tench, decide to team up and expand their knowledge by learning the psychology behind sequence murders. In order to do this they must sit opposite some of the most notorious killers (based on real-life), and delve into the warped minds of the criminals to help them solve investigations in the future.

Why Should I Binge-Watch It?

It will keep you hooked, as Holden and Bill come face to face with some of the world’s most renowned killers, they reveal what made them do it and the thoughts that lead up to that moment. The crimes are all based on real life events and murderers, which if you’re a bit of a crime documentary junkie like me, you will love. If you are interested in the psychology behind why people kill and the factors that contribute, this is the show for you. It poses the question ‘Are criminals born? Or are they formed?’ Netflix have dropped the whole ten episodes, and if that wasn’t enough, have confirmed a Season 2.



Jane the Virgin

What’s it all about?

Jane is a young, religious, Latino woman who is devoted to her boyfriend Michael, but is waiting until they marry to lose her virginity. However, after a mix up at the medical clinic, Jane becomes pregnant after being artificially inseminated by mistake. This not only turns Jane’s world upside down, but her feelings too, and this is only the first episode. Need I say more?

Why Should I Bing-Watch This?

Jane the Virgin is not short on drama and will give you everything from long lost family to drug rings. What more could you want? Ah yes, a love triangle, which takes centre point in the series and will have you questioning who you want to win Jane’s heart. However, if this sounds like a heavy watch, it is lightened by the character of Jane and her family dynamic. Jane lives with her mother and grandmother (the ultimate girl power trio right?); they’re incredibly close and are trying to guide each other through life. It really gives the show a more relate-able feel, and shows you are never too old to need your mum; she is your best friend. Season 4 is out now on Netflix.


Jack Whitehall Travels with my Father

What’s it all about?

 Comedian Jack Whitehall feels as though he missed out because he never took a Gap Year, which is all about to change. Jack invites his extremely middle-class father Michael Whitehall to travel with him through South East Asia on the ‘Gap Year Route’. You will see Jack and his father venture through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Hanoi, and immersing themselves in some of the local culture, which of course is hilarious to watch.

Why Should I Binge Watch It?

 If you have ever seen Jack and his father in any of his other shows, you will know they make a brilliantly funny duo. Michael Whitehall really makes this series, travelling round South East Asia wearing a suit and tie complete with an extremely dry sense of humour – see episode where he confuses night terrors for wet dreams (it’s as funny as it sounds). Along with all the humour you do get a little culture and a couple of facts here and there. It’s an easy watch and will have you chuckling throughout.

What are your favourite things to watch on Netflix? Let me know in the comments!


First Impressions: The PS…Peach Blush & Highlight Palette



Primark have always sold make up, but is it just me or have they really upped their game in the past couple of months? My local Primark’s beauty section seems to be bigger and better than ever, however I will admit, up until a couple of weeks ago, I had never purchased anything from Primark’s make-up range. During a visit to the Liverpool store, I spotted a lovely display of peach coloured products and HAD to investigate.

Primark’s new PS…Peachy-Keen range consists of an eye shadow palette, a blush & highlight palette, lipglosses, nail varnishes, tweezers, and the cutest beauty blender. I picked up the blush and highlight palette, as it’s probably something I have the least of in my beauty drawer. So let’s get down to my first impressions of the product…

I really like the packaging on this product, it’s minimal and cute, and makes the product look more expensive than it actually is (£4 by the way…I’ll wait while you nip out). The cover is magnetic as with many of Primark’s other palettes, and opens to reveal a highlighter and two shades of blush set in metal pans.



The shades in this palette are beautiful, and my particular favourite is the highlighter called ‘Peach Twist’, which is a shimmering pale gold tone (My swatch doesn’t do it justice!). The two blushes featured in the palette are ‘Peachin’, which is a deeper coral-pink tone, whilst ‘Sweet Peach’ is a softer, more romantic pink shade. As I am quite fair I wasn’t sure if all of the colours would suit my skin tone, but I was surprised by how flattering they were.


The packaging also invites you to smell the shades as they are ‘Soooo Peachy’, and they certainly are. As soon as you open the palette you are greeted by a light, sweet, peach scent, nothing too over powering.

Peach is a big trend in the beauty world right now – and Primark have obviously taken inspiration from Too Faced and their successful peach range, but for a fraction of the price. The Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette comes in at around £32.

I was really impressed with this palette; it has made me want to try the other PS…Peachy Keen products (I’ve got my eye on you, eye shadow palette. No pun intended). This range is great if you are on a budget, or if you’re a little bit of a make-up hoarder like me and have to rein it in sometimes! All jokes aside, this palette would make a cute stocking filler, Secret Santa gift or even just a little treat for you!

Have you tried anything from the PS…Peachy-Keen Range?