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Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask Review

Like most of you, I love a good facemask, and they are always on the agenda if I’m having a pamper session. Up until recently I’ve been a big fan of clay masks as I have normal-oily combination skin, so found that they really helped with oil control and drawing out impurities. However, I’ve found that over the past couple of weeks my skin has seriously dried out (we’re talking being past the point of looking reptilian!), so I’ve been at a bit of a loss of what to do. In the past week, I’ve stopped using a primer when doing my make-up, incorporated facial oil into my evening routine, and continued to moisturise as normal, because this skin seriously needs it! A friend recommended Garnier’s Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask, and after seeing my make-up crack one too many times, I raced to Boots to grab one!

I was pretty excited to try this mask out, as I’ve never used a tissue style mask before. The Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask claims to ‘Intensely rehydrate skin, reduces the look of fine lines, and revives radiance’, all in the space of 15 minutes. A really big plus about this product for me was that 1 mask = 1 week of hydrating serum, meaning that it’s super hydrating and continues to work after use. The mask also claims to act more as a ‘hydration wrap’, which gives it a slightly more luxurious feel at its £2.99 price tag.

There is no doubt this product is hydrating, as soon as you remove it from the packet it is dripping in serum. I did find the mask a little fiddly, and spent a few moments trying to a line my own features into the cut outs, but got there in the end! Once applied make sure the blue film is facing outwards, this then needs to be removed and you can sculpt the mask into the contours of your face. I loved the fuss-free aspect of this mask, there were no bits getting stuck in hair or down fingernails, and it was super quick to do. The mask felt comfortable and once I’d put on the new Pretty Little Liars episode, I’d have completely forgot I had it on, if not for the cooling sensation.

After removing the mask I massaged the rest of the serum into my face (hoping and praying it would help my reptile-like skin) and let it sink in. My skin felt lovely and soft afterwards, and dare I say it, hydrated! I was hoping this would last and that my skin wouldn’t be dried out again by the morning. I’m very pleased to say it wasn’t back to its scale-like self, and that made my make-up application ten times easier! I would definitely repurchase this product, as its super easy to use, mess free (any excess serum can be rubbed in), and fairly cheap. I will post a little update at the end of the week to see if it really has lived up to its 1 week promise! But it’s safe to say, I am a sheet mask convert.

Have you tried the Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask, what did you think?

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Book Review

The Escape Artist by Diane Chamberlain Review


Susanna Miller loses custody of her eleven-month-old son, Tyler, but rather than turning the little boy over to her ex-husband and his new wife, she goes on the run. She dyes her hair, changes her name and escapes from Boulder, Colorado, leaving behind everyone she knows including Linc Sebastian, the man who has been her best friend since childhood and who knows her better than anyone. Susanna lands in Annapolis, Maryland, alone, frightened, and always looking over her shoulder for someone who might recognize her. Just as she’s beginning to feel safe in her new surroundings, she stumbles across information that could save the lives of many people . . . if she’s willing to take it to the police. But going to the authorities means revealing her identity, admitting her guilt and, worst of all, losing her son.

I have to admit, up until receiving The Escape Artist as a birthday present, I had never discovered Diane Chamberlain.  The blurb had me from the get go and I found myself itching to pick up the book just to read another page! After a pretty hectic Bank Holiday, I finally managed to finish it, and I wasn’t disappointed. This review will contain no spoilers, so fear not and read on.

In the opening chapter we are introduced to Susanna Miller and her young son Tyler, both of which are wandering through a graveyard. The scene, much like its setting is despondent, as Susanna faces losing custody of Tyler to her ex husband and his new wife Peggy. The prospect of this is too much for Susanna to bear and so she plots her escape, even if that does mean leaving her whole life and the man she loves, Linc Sebastian, behind.

The Escape Artist is written in three different points of view in the third person, Susanna, Linc and Peggy. I always like when a book includes more than one character narrative, as it gives insight into other characters and their backgrounds. I enjoyed all of the characters points of view, Susanna’s on her adventures in Annapolis with Tyler, Linc clueless as to where Susanna is and what to do now she’s gone, and Peggy fighting to track down Susanna and bring Tyler back home with her and his father. The characters in this novel are not perfect and they don’t pretend to be, they all have secrets and are all counting on them being kept that way.

From the moment the judge rules that Tyler will be placed in the custody of Jim and Peggy Miller, the momentum of the story really kicks in.  Susanna makes her getaway the night before she is due to hand Tyler over, leaving no traces of either of them behind and keeping Linc completely in the dark. They land in Annapolis, a picturesque town by the sea, and immediately take a liking to it. Everything is seemingly falling into place for Susanna, aside from constantly being on edge that someone will recognise her or her son, until she makes a chilling discovery. The discovery could ruin everything for Susanna, but could also save many people; it is a very complex and gripping situation set at the heart of a moral dilemma.

I really felt for Susanna’s character throughout the novel, she has more than most could handle thrown at her, from a sad childhood to her husband cheating on her and her losing custody of her son. Although the character is portrayed as shy and meek in the beginning, she evolves greatly throughout the story, which I mostly put down to her love for Tyler. Susanna gradually lets her guard down in Annapolis by making friends and getting work, she becomes settled in her new life. I was rooting for this character the whole way through the book, hoping she could continue the life she had finally settled in.

Whilst I rooted for Susanna, I have to admit that my favourite character was actually her boyfriend, Linc Sebastian. Linc grew up with Susanna and provided her with an escape in the tough times throughout her childhood. After serving time for murder, Linc is a disc jockey with his own radio show. Linc is an all round good guy (yes, I know you’re reading that thinking erm Soph did you see what you just typed above, but trust me), he supported Susanna with her pregnancy and is a father figure to Tyler. Linc is hit hard by the result of the court hearing, followed by the disappearance of Susuanna and Tyler.

The Escape Artist had me hooked, plain and simple. Every free moment I could get was spent sifting through another chapter. I felt emotionally invested in all of the characters and wanted to know what their outcomes would be. Would Susanna eventually have to face up to losing Tyler? Would Linc ever forgive her for running away? Would Peggy eventually see that Susanna was not the bad guy in all this?

The premise of this story is gripping and I loved the twists that cropped up throughout. You’ll find yourself rooting for all the main characters in one way or another throughout their situations. All in all The Escape Artist is an excellent read, and perfectly depicts the bond between a mother and son and how unbreakable it really is. I’m looking forward to reading more of Chamberlains work as I’m still a newbie!

Have you read The Escape Artist, if so what did you think? Do you have any recommendations?


What’s in My Makeup Bag Right Now

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This week I thought I’d share my everyday go-to products that I carry pretty much everywhere with me. I always love reading posts about what products people use, as it gives me inspiration to try them out for myself! Some are long term favourites, and others are still newbies to the bag. So without further ado, here is what is currently in my make up bag:

Estee Lauder ‘The Mattifier’ Primer

After purchasing this product last month it has not left my make up bag. It goes hand in hand with my Double Wear Foundation (not that you have to use that one!). It works to prevent shine by controlling your skins oil production throughout the day. I’ve found this product really works for me; it keeps my make up in place, keeps any shine away even in notoriously shine prone places (the t-zone). I use a small squeeze on each section of my face and massage it in. This product was also featured in my March Favourites post here:

Shop it here:

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Amazing  Cosmetics- Amazing Concealer

Just like a good foundation is important, so is the concealer that goes with it. I personally prefer a full coverage look, as my skin isn’t the best most of the time, and this concealer has got it covered (no pun intended!). It’s a creamy liquid which only requires you to use the tiniest amount on the area you wish to cover – a little goes a long way with this product. This is one of the things I love most about this concealer, I can have a tube for a couple of months which makes the price more worth it! It is perfect for erasing any imperfections and doesn’t budge once you have applied it. I usually apply mine with a brush and buff it into my skin to ensure it blends in with the rest of my makeup, as it dries pretty quickly. You can purchase this product in two sizes, 6ml for £19.50 or 15ml for £29.50. Whilst this product is a little pricey, a tube of either size will last a while and the product is ama- (oh wait) pretty bloody wonderful!

Shop it here:”

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer

Try as I might I can never find an eyeliner that tops this one, which explains why it’s had a place in my makeup bag for the past 9 years! I have tried others, but I always find that they give me a serious case of panda eye by the end of the day, which is a big no-no. I love that I can get full days wear out of this product without reapplication, because it just doesn’t move. I’ve put it through its paces, it’s been to work with me, to work out with me, cried with me, and survived till the end. It’s super easy to apply, has a lovely creamy texture and the shades are highly pigmented. It also comes with a built in smudger if you want to take your look from day to night, and promises up to 10 hours long lasting wear. So if you’re after a full proof liner that’ll take whatever you throw at it, this one is your girl.

Shop it here:

Brow Creator by Mii Cosmetics

Up until last Christmas you would not catch me with a brow pot, I was convinced brow pencils were the one for me…until you know, they kept snapping and I’d have to buy another one. Well not anymore! I received a Brow Creator in Masterfully Medium from my mum for Christmas. At first I was a little reluctant, was this pot really going to a better job than my beloved pencils? Oh my goodness yes! Give me a brow pot any day of the week now. The Brow Creators are a creamy texture and highly pigmented, so you don’t have to use much to colour in gaps or add volume.  This product has become a firm favourite over the past few months (oh that’s right, it lasts ages and still looks I’ve barely touched it!), it’s long-lasting and smudge proof which is another bonus! I also received a double ended applicator brush with my brow pot. One side is used to apply the product and the other an eyebrow brush, which I always use before applying the product to tame any stray hairs (Brush sold separately) Ultimately this is probably a much cheaper option than continuously buying eyebrow pencils, as it’s £16.95 for the brow pot, but it will last a good while

Shop the brow pot here:


Barry M Colour Correcting Kit

Curiosity got the better of me when colour correcting became the latest trend, so I had to invest to see it for myself! In all honesty I suck at most beauty trends i.e. I can’t contour to save my life, but this is really easy to do. The palette features four creamy colours (Purple, Coral, Green, and Nude) each designed to target imbalances that occur on the skin. I apply this after my primer and use a Beauty Blender to buff it into my skin. I’ve found it really helps to even out my skin tone, and reduce any redness when my skin is misbehaving. You can also read about this handy little kit in my March Favourites –

Shop is here:


Tropic Sculpting Palette –Vintage Rose

Up until a little while ago, I had never heard of the Tropic brand (I’m so glad I have now). I featured this product in my March Favourites post which you can find here:, and boy is it good. The palette features a bronzer, highlighter, blusher and a mirror. The 3 colours are nicely pigmented and feel so soft and light on the skin. I always carry this product with me, just in case an unexpected event crops up and I can quickly glam up! Tropic use all natural ingredients in their products, which means your skin will love them too! The Sculpting Palettes are enriched with Vitamin C, Pomegranate Seed and Carrot Oil, which I’m sure, is the reason the colours look so lovely once applied. I also like how there are three products in one palette; it means my makeup bag is not bursting with the unnecessary. The Sculpting Palette also comes in two other colours ‘Coral Blush’ and ‘Bronze’. All Tropic products are Cruelty-free and Vegan.

Shop it here:


Maybelline Matte Maker Powder

I’ve always had quite oily skin, and whilst it’s calmed down over the years, I still find that my skin can become quite shiny towards the end of the day. I’ve used countless powders over the years but found that they either clung to any dry sections, or altered the colour of my make up over the course of the day. Maybelline’s Matte Maker Powder is perfect for my skin, it holds back any shine for hours, doesn’t look cakey, and sets my makeup a treat. I went for the shade Nude Beige, which initially I thought was going to be too dark for me, but it’s still relatively pale with a little warmth.

Shop it here:


Estee Lauder Sumtuous Extreme Mascara

This mascara retails at £25 which is a little more than I would usually spend on mascara, but I received a sample size in Estee Lauders latest gift promotion, so I thought I would give it a go! This product claims to create ‘outrageous volume’ and give lashes that all important ‘false lash effect’. This is all down to their formula of three high blend fibres with added Lash-Advancing Vitamin Complex. Now, I seem to really struggle with mascaras as I always seem to get a lot of fall-out from them, meaning I have to be on constant look out for panda eyes. I’ve found that I don’t get it anywhere near as much with this mascara, which is a massive bonus. I also love the brush on this product (the BrushComber Extreme) it has two sets of bristles which catch a good amount of formula, and seamlessly coat the lashes by separating them and preventing any clumps. The colour is 01 Extreme Black and helps to make lashes fuller and defined, although I wouldn’t go as far as to say it makes them look like false lashes, they did look pretty damn good! The only problem I have found with this product is that it isn’t the quickest at drying after application, so you will get some mascara under your eyes. A handy tip someone once told me is to carry a cotton bud with you, and then if any fall out occurs over the day you can lightly rub it away without disturbing your makeup.

Shop it here:


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Carmex Lip Balm – Mint

I’m a long term Carmex Lip Balm fan, and usually have a tube on me wherever I go. It comes in a small squeezable tube, which makes for easy application and for popping in your bag. I love the Carmex formula; it helps to soothe dry, cracked lips, and doesn’t sink into the lips straight away so gives your lips a good moisturise. I use mine every day and before applying lipstick as it provides a perfect base, or over lipsticks that tend to dry out my lips. There are lots of flavours to choose from, I went for Mint this time, which smells so fresh!

You can get this flavour for £2 from Primark or shop the other flavours here:


MAC Lipstick in Twig

Slight confession, I’m a bit of a lipstick hoarder. I don’t know what it is about them, and MAC lipsticks are no exception. Over the years I’ve tried many different brands, but MAC was the first brand I ever bought lipstick from, and wow did fifteen year old me feel like a grown up. Fast forward eight years and here I am still collecting them. I’ve always been a massive fan of their ‘See Sheer’ shade, but a couple of months ago I decided I wanted something a little different. It was a very close call between Twig and Velvet Teddy, but I decided Twig was more for me. It’s a beautiful dusky pink-brown colour and works well as an everyday shade. It’s become my new go to! I find Twig, like all of Mac’s lipsticks to be highly pigmented and long wearing. It’s a colour I would never have seen myself wearing before, but I had read quite a few reviews and decided to test it out in my local store. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this shade, and whilst I’m there I may have to pick up a Velvet Teddy too…

Shop it here:


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Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Foundation is the most important makeup product to me. It’s the product I like to spend more money on if it means good quality; after all it’s going to be sitting on your skin for hours. My skin is normal-oily combination, which can mean some foundations can be sliding off my t-zone come midday. As with a concealer, I like a full coverage and long lasting wear. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear promises up to 15 hours wear, which I would say it does for my skin. This foundation is quite a thick liquid, but by no means does it feel weighty on the skin, nor is its appearance cakey after application. This was recommended to me by a work friend and there’s no turning back now! The colour ‘Shell’ is perfect for my skin tone as I am pretty pale. I usually apply mine with a foundation brush and buff it into my skin. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, full coverage foundation, this could be the one!

Also if you fill in your email address on the Estee Lauder Website, you will then receive a voucher to download to take to your local counter to receive a 10 day foundation and primer sample (4ml each).

Shop it here:


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March Favourites

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Spring is finally here, and I’m pretty damn happy about it! Although winter is my favourite season, surely I can’t be the only one who feels like they’ve been living in jumpers for an eternity? I’m already looking forward to wearing less than five layers, lighter evenings and the possibility of eating an actual ice cream outside as it isn’t sub zero. It’s going to be good! Whilst I cannot believe we’re already in April, it does give me the opportunity to share all the products that got me through March, and I must say they’re all keepers!

Batiste Dry Shampoo/Conditioner

I’m a sucker for new products and couldn’t resist picking up one of these beauties from my local Boots store. I’m a bit of a dry shampoo fan to be honest, not to excess, but just for those days where you want fab tresses without the effort aka a lazy girls dream. Another benefit is that, if like me you colour your hair, it extends in between wash days so you’re not washing out your colour as much. I’ve been using this in between washes for the past week and I’m pretty impressed. I picked up Vanilla and Passionflower, which smells bloody lovely! It sprays light on the hair and refreshes lack lustre locks in seconds. What I really like about this product is that it not only changed the appearance of my hair, but also that due to the conditioning properties, my hair actually felt s ofter. Batiste has also brought out two other scents in ‘Cocoa and Cashmere’ and ‘Orange and Pomegranate’. The question is…which one to go for next?

Estee Lauder Primer – ‘The Mattifier’

I’m slowly becoming a bit of an Estee Lauder convert after being recommended their Double Wear Foundation (it’s amazing if you haven’t tried it). I was lucky enough to be given a Debenhams gift card, which included a free makeover, for my birthday last month. So yup you guessed it, I went straight to my new favourite counter, which is where I was introduced to this god send. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I struggle with my skin and have done for quite some time, which is why I welcome anything that improves it with open arms. I would probably say that my skin is normal-oily combination, and that some products I have used in the past have just slid right off it after a couple of hours. This primer has been a real game changer for me. I apply the primer, in no bigger than a five pence piece squeezes, onto each section of my face and massage it in. It leaves my skin super soft, which in turn makes it so much easier to apply the rest of my makeup. I’ve found that it helps my make up last throughout the 9-6 work shift, covers redness, and reduces any shine in the t-zone area. It’s definitely made a fan out of me.

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Barry M Colour Colour Correcting Kit

Colour correcting was something I had never heard of until a couple of months ago, so I was pretty intrigued when I spotted Barry M’s Colour Correcting Kit. It’s a super handy palette of four blend-able colours, each designed to target different colour imbalances that can occur on the skin. The colours are:

Nude – This can be used anywhere on the face as it is the concealer of the palette. I tend to use this on any spots that have appeared and also under my eyes. It’s pretty good coverage and blends in well with the rest of my make up.

Green – This colour is ideal for covering any redness on the face, particularly from spots, but also states ‘skin blotches and minor scars’ too. I usually blend this over my t-zone and over any spots that have made an appearance. This colour is by far my favourite and really works for my skin.

Purple- This colour is the perfect little pick me up if your skin is having a dull day! I usually dab this wherever my skin is looking a little sallow and it helps to perk it up.

Coral- If you suffer with dark under eye circles or haven’t been catching enough z’s then this one’s for you.  The coral helps to brighten the darker area underneath, giving a good base for your make up and making coverage easier.

Tropic Sculpting Palette

After attending a Tropic party a few months ago I have fallen a bit in love with their products. They’re natural and cruelty free which makes them worth the money. This palette has pretty much all you need to take you from a healthy glow, to shimmering contoured cheeks – all you need to take you from day to night. All Tropic products contain natural ingredients, so your skin can breathe easy. The Sculpting Palette contains Vitamin C, Carrot and Pomegranate Seed Oils, and feels lovely on the skin. I personally dislike when I can feel make up sitting on the skin, but this is air light and does not move throughout the day. This one is fast becoming a permanent favourite.


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Loral Elvive Extraordinary Clay Pre Shampoo Treatment Masque

I’m still relatively new to the hair mask world, but this one is a new favourite of mine. I tend to get oily roots, particularly in the weeks running up to my hair being re-coloured, so I thought I would give this product a try. I kind of love the idea that it’s a pre-shampoo treatment, it makes the usual routine feel like a bit more of a pamper session. The idea behind this is that you apply it to just your roots in sections, and leave it on for five minutes to absorb any oil and impurities. I always love the look of my hair after using this product, it’s shinier (in the ‘I just stepped out of a Loreal Advert’ kind of way), and feels amazing. I will definitely be repurchasing and checking out the rest of the Clay range; especially as Boot’s currently have 3 for £9 on selected Loreal Elvive!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?